Thursday, August 4, 2011

Glueline Oil Pastel Portraits - Student Work

One of my favorite assignments for my Beginning 2-D students are these abstract portraits that the kids draw of each other.  I give them a glue bottle to draw with, and I ask them to try and capture some likeness to original but at the same time, go crazy, be playful and add things to help exaggerate and distort the piece.    The glue lines set up boundaries, so that when the glue is dry, oil pastel can be added over top.  This powerful portrait above was done of junior Gary Fong by junior Michelle Lee.  And below senior Karen Pan did the face of senior Alex Park.  Really well done Karen!
Senior Marivel Aquirre did the fun portrait above of senior Wendy Garcia, and below junior Jhuvin Palaganas was done by senior Jennifer Park.  Very clever piece Jen.
Above very talented senior Rachel Kim drew and pasteled junior Catherine Qain for a very lovely piece.  And below sophomore Ashley Tang did the wonderful portrait below of junior Sandra Cruz.
The lastly we have the work of junior Crislyn Ogawa who worked with senior Michelle Guan below.
It's always a pleasure to show these pieces off, and to see how playful these kids can be.  Great work all of you!

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  1. These are absolutely stunning! Can I ask what kind (brand) of glue you used and what type of paper- is it black? I've tried this technique only with chalk pastls- I had no idea oil pastls would work as well- isn't hard to get them close to the glue lines?