Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Preliminary Painting with Tempera - Student Work

At the beginning of the school year my Beginning 2-D Art students did a Color Theory project with tempera paint where they were required to paint in a very flat, graphic style, but now in 4th Quarter they understand light and shadow, so we came back to the tempera and tried painting in a more realistic way.  The minimum requirement was to paint a sphere but of course my kids did so much more like junior Janice Min above.  what a striking piece.
Above junior Michelle Lee scratches thru her paint to create a very interesting texture.  Love it!  And below junior Crislyn Ogawa came up with such a cool subject and made such a beautiful piece. 
Senior Rachel Kim worked in a lovely color scheme above and senior Tiffany Wang did the adorable cat and mouse piece below.

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