Thursday, August 18, 2011

Woven Pouches - Student Work

These little pouches were so much fun and so easy for the kids to make in the Beginning 3-D class.  The hard part was that I made them all learn how to spin their own yarn first, and to then use that yarn as weft in their pouches.  So much of the yarn you see in these pouches is not only hand spun but hand dyed as well.The 3 above belong to seniors Tiffany Wang, Kathleen Santiago, and junior Elsie Aguilar.
Seniors Sylvia Tran and Liezl Talamayan made the two above, and senior Nicole Gimeno and sophomore Rita Labib did the ones below (Rita made the time to create two pouches)
The students made their looms from cardboard and spaced their warp strings 1/4" apart.  They were required to make a flap and a closure that worked.  I like that several of the students designed their flaps to be asymmetrical.

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  1. wow. they did a great job. i take my first hand spinning lesson tomorrow. this is great encouragement.