Monday, August 29, 2011

Summertime with The Sposas

Yep, that's about all we do around here is lie around and hang out with our kids and dogs.
Or drive around with our second set of grand kids for an over-nighter at our house.
Or pose for pix.
But sometimes Miesha gets a little car sick (above) when she isn't hanging on for dear life (below) as Jim takes a corner a little to fast.
But mostly everyone just wants to chill and not be bothered.
Especially our little Sophie...
but give her my empty peanut butter jar to lick clean and she perks right up.  :)
But our favorite times are hanging out with our other two grand kids, J.V. and Kenzie, their Auntie Julie, and Uncle Mike , and their mommy and daddy Carrie and James.

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