Sunday, August 14, 2011

Preliminary Watercolor with Charcoal - Student Work

Junior Michelle Lee bringing in fabulous texture with charcoal on top of watercolor.
Above senior Marivel Aguirre's most outstanding piece of the year.  I was so impressed with you woman when you turned this beauty in.  Way to go!!
4th Quarter for my Beginning 2-D kids is all about color, and introducing them to many color media and the techniques to use them.  After about 2 weeks of practice with watercolor, these were their first attempts to put it all together in a subject of their choosing.  We also a few days with charcoal and combining it with watercolor, so you will also see a bit of charcoal in each of these pieces.
Above senior Rachel Kim did a lovely work with both her charcoal and watercolor.
I was also really impressed with junior Gary Fong's sensitive depiction of the French countryside.  And just look at junior Sarah Zhang's incredible piece below, what a great design, something you would see illustrated in a children's storybook. 
And then there is senior Tiffany Wang,who masters everything she tries in all these courses she's taken with me, 2-D, 3-d and Ceramics.  A very talented young lady.
What's really amazing is that these were their first attempts in watercolor, a very difficult medium!

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