Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7th Grade Soap Scrubs

I had the sweetest group of 7th graders for 4th quarter, and they were such a good way to end the school year with.  They saw the crazy soap scrubs that were done 3rd quarter cuz many of the kids didn't pay good attention to the directions, so this group was determined to get it right.  And they did!  The top one was made by Tina Zao, one of the strongest artists in the class, the middle one by Lauren Oh, also a gifted artist, and the third one by very sweet Hazel Cruz.
Above we have Dustin Enomoto, his very first time to be posted on the blog, and a very hard worker, and below his we have Alejandra Perez, senior Freddy Perez' little sis, and another strong art student within this group.  I sure hope I see all you younguns next year.  Stop in and say Hi. 

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