Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day Trippin' Again

This time Jim and I were off to the cities of La Verne and Claremont to see the craftsman architecture and to visit their old town shops.  These photos are a bit dated, we took this trip in early January 2011 when it was still chilly outside, there was snow on the local mountains, and the air was so clean and clear.
We got off the 57 Freeway going north onto Arrow Hwy and cut thru the town of San Dimas where all the facades on the buildings look like the old west, and walked around a bit and enjoyed the downtown area.
Next we passed thru the city of La Verne, and it's great Victorian homes and tree lined streets, founded in 1887. 
As we were coming into Claremont we passed the sign for the Pomona Colleges.  Many of our Whitney students are alum of these fine schools. 
This is downtown Claremont, one of my favorite towns to visit with delicious bakeries, great music stores, unique clothing shops and great local eateries.  Plus because it's a college town it has a very special ambiance that always makes me feel good when I visit.
The town was founded over a hundred years ago, and is known for it tree lined streets which are gi-normous and gorgeous.
When my son Zach was a little boy I used to bring him to this Folk Music Center, one of his favorite destinations and always a special treat for him, located on the main drag in Claremont.
So many instruments from all over the world, and all shoppers are invited to try them out.

Only the little one I had with me that day was not so little LOL.  Jim spent at least an hour trying out many of the guitars, banjos and bass pieces.  Above he is playing a homemade washtub bass.  When Jim was a teenager he started his own boy band, and taught his friends to play a variety of homemade instruments such as the one above, as well as the spoons, jugs and washboards.  They called themselves the Even Dozen Jug Band, and played in many a hootenanny.  Hootenanny, how old are you anyways?  Those were the good old days, right?    
You can see he's having way too much fun!

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  1. I love the Claremont village/area! Can't wait to shop and look around there when I'm at Scripps!