Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kinda Creepy Moonbabies

Senior Tim Chai had some extra time on his hands and wanted to build up his extra credit, so this is what he came up with.  He went back to the first assignment of the year and made a couple moonbabies.  He had seen some other kids who had mounted theirs so he thought he'd give it a try.  The kids love to work with the wood;  to sand, drill and saw.  So this was his creation.  Then it sat on the shelf for a few weeks and I asked him if he was going to take it home.  "Are you kidding, my mom wouldn't let me bring that in the house" or something to that effect.  He said "You can have it."  Gee thanks, Tim.  Just what I want.  LOL
JK, I have it proudly displayed in the art lounge where you can visit it any time or maybe take it to college with you  :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Partically Fused Glass Pendents - Student Work

After my Intermediate 3-D kids did the full fused pendents that you saw a couple days ago, they then played with partical fusing.  In partical fusing they let their glass shards hang over/off other pieces as they stack the colored glass on top each other, then I fire the pieces to a lesser temperature.  This way they don't completely melt into each other.  It gives a way different look.  The different layers are stuck to each other but you can still feel the layers.

Senior Borah Lim did the glorious piece above.  Borah often incorporates spiritual images in her art work in such a beautiful way.  And senior Elsie Aguilar had the brilliant idea of using her soldering skills and...
as you can see, she soldered her jumprings on across the back top edge of her pendent.  Love it!!
Backside below.

Another of Borah's lovely crosses.
Here we see senior Leticia Alarez above with two lovely pendents.
And senior Johanna Paz always comes up with incredible works.
The students were required to wire wrap their partically fused glass pieces in a pleasing way, complete with jump rings or eye holes.  Elsie (way above) and Pauline (way below) were the first to come up with the idea to use soldering on their pieces.
I like how junior Nida Fatima made 3 small pendents.  She could put them together in one neckpiece or she could attach them to a charm bracelet.
And then one of the most creative works was done by junior Kevin Tang above.  Wire wrapping 2 pieces into one pendent.  Bravo Kev!!

And then look below at this fabulous trio by senior Pauline Yang.  I think this would be terrific strung onto one necklace.  Just needs a couple jump rings to make that happen.

Kevin turned 3 of his pendents into rings.
You could totally sell these Kevin!
And lastly are junior Joyce Le's below.  Notice how her wire wrapping totally works with her designs. 
Great job all of you!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Metal Journals - Student Work

This is the beautiful, talented, superstar 9th grader Karisma Dev getting started on her Metal Journal, using an anvil and hammer to flatten out her wire frame that she has braided for a more interesting look.

These kids are in my Intermediate 3-D class, and they are working on a very complex journal assignment that has several components.  The first being to make their frame foundations.
Here is a look at Karisma's front of her journal.  The kids were required to incorporate hand spun yarn, hand made felt, beads, and hardware store findings into their front and back covers.

Their pages were done on canvas duct fabric and had to be hand painted with acrylics, and they had to incorporate text, buttons, and machine or hand stitching.  There was so much design and planning that went into these.
Not only are these kids talented young artists, but they are also very competent writers as well.
A look below at Karisma's back cover.

This next frame and cover belong to junior Kevin Tang.  This was a very powerful piece, very expressive as is most of Kevin's work.

A few of Kevin's pages...

and the back side.

More of the frame foundations.

This next one is the work of junior Joyce Le.  She came up with a most interesting shape.  These are her front and back covers.

And her very sweet pages.

This next one below belongs to junior Rita Labib.  I really like how she incorporated the dried rose that really sets the color tone.

The kids got to choose how they wanted to bind their books.  Rita has used the long stitch. 

Junior Nida Fatima went all out with her journal and enjoyed every second of it.  
From her cover...
to all her pages.
Senior Elsie Aguilar did this very sweet journal below.
This is one of my favorite pages from all the journals.
In fact, she put a lot of work into all her pages.
Love these adorable birds and nest.
Senior Ingrid Huang didn't get a chance to finish her cover but I still wanted to showcase her gorgeous pages.  So beautifully painted with wonderful collage elements...
and stitching.  Just doesn't get any lovelier.