Thursday, August 29, 2019


Pets stay small for just a moment in time. 
It went too fast.
Our newest baby is almost fully grown,
and just recently got neutered.
My daughter found the softest puppy neck pillow to keep her from licking her stitches.
Miss Tatum didn't even seem to notice it was on her 
and actually used it as her pillow when she laid down.
Danie found it on the Internet.
It was so much better then those ginormous plastic cones.
Miss Tatum loves to hug and kiss her mommy and grandmommy  :)

And here are the two grandpups, Miss Tatum and Granger,
together sitting on top of my daughters dining room table
(shame on them)
looking out the window together waiting for her to get home.

Monday, August 26, 2019


to a new school year.
If you haven't already figured it out or heard,
I retired over the summer to get my health back.
And I'm feeling so much better but still have a ways to go.

Just wanted all of you to know there is a new art teacher at Whitney.
His name is Dan Heck and I'm sure you are going to really enjoy working with him.
He's super nice and excited about teaching at Whitney.
He comes to us from Huntington Beach and he loves working with the clay.
So I'm really excited to see what new things he will bring to our Ceramic Dept.

All of you in the arts classes met him today,
but for those of you who didn't get a chance to take an art this year,
make sure you drop by Room 18 and introduce yourselves and welcome him aboard.

I know you guys will make me very proud of all that you will create this year
and impress Mr. Heck as well.
Show him what you've got!
I told him how very talented you all are.

So keep in touch and send me photos of what you are up to.
I'm hoping to stop by and visit everyone soon.

It's really weird for me not to be there and welcome you back into the room
after occupying it for 39 years.  
Such a tremendous change.
I miss you all greatly.
P.S. I love you!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Just had to show off this usual variety of Plumeira in all it's glory.
This is the one I posted a couple of weeks ago when the flowers just started to open.
It stops me every time I enter the house.

And another friendly butterfly following me as I watered at the cabin.
This one let me get even closer so I was able to touch it.
It's the little things in life that make me giddy.

Thursday, August 15, 2019


off-white cashmere baby blanket

This past year and a half I signed up for 3 of India Flint's online workshops.
The first was Bagstories which I showcased here several months ago,
and now I'm finally getting started slow stitching on the 3rd one called A Clearing in the Woods.
 Today I'm basting all these piece down.
If you are wondering about class No. 2,
I'm stuck on it right now and can't seem to move forward.
But I will cuz it's nagging at me. 

It was so much fun setting up to get started.
India had us cut 29 circles in wool, linen and silk
then fill each one with anything that might have pigment in it:
leaves, twigs, fruits, veges, rusty objects etc.
We bundled each one with embroidery string that would also take the dyes.
I posted the beginnings of the Preliminary Circles here

And here are the glorious threads from the bundles along with some India sent to us
on the far left.
Remarkable right?

And here is a delicious close-up of my favorites of the 29.

If you are wondering why the number 29?
After bundling we preserved these sweet little bundles in glass jars for a couple of months.
When February came we got to open one bundle a day 
for a special treat to look forward to.
So much fun with such wondrous results.
If you've never taken a class with India,
I highly recommend it.

Monday, August 12, 2019


Potted this Chardonnay grape vine about 4 years ago.
But no grapes year after year.
So I asked my son if he had any thoughts on it.
He asked if I cut back the vines every year. 
And it grew grapes!
Nice sweet ones!!
I picked a bunch last week and brought them to my grandson Syd
who thought it was so cool that I'd grown them.  
He ate every single one on the bunch.
How about that!!!

Friday, August 9, 2019


Oh Boy,
Jim and I got to do our first all day long with our newest 8 month old grandson.
We had a ball,
but it worn us out let me tell you.
Anthony is crawling now, 
but not with all fours. 
 He's only using his forearms and elbows.
He hasn't quite figured out the knees yet.
But he and Jim raced all over that house.
I was in charge of the all the walking around the neighborhood,
feeding and diaper changes
which suits me just fine.
The most challenging part was getting him to go down for his nap. 
He is a stubborn fellow.
hee hee
but I managed to get him down.
And man oh man can he eat.
He likes everything his mom set out for him.
I'm pretty sure I've not mentioned it
 but Syd and Anthony's daddy has been diagnosed with a stage 3 Brain Tumor this past February.
He has been battling it with such grace and dignity
and just recently was allowed to go back to work.
He is a proud Orange County Sheriff.
When he got home last night from work 
I could tell he is still really struggling to feel well and beat this thing.
So I'd like to  reach out to all of you and ask for your thoughts and prayers.
It has been really hard on the family as you can imagine.
Especially his wife,
my Jim's daughter.
She is truly exhausted.
He never complains and puts up the most brave front for all of us,
but I saw it yesterday on his face that it is a real struggle.
Thank you all.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Two years ago in her senior year at Whitney,
I had the privilege to once again teach 2018 alumni Inna Sikar in the Beginning 3-D class.
In addition she was in the 7th grade Art Wheel her first year at Whitney 
and in the Beginning 2-D course her junior year.
During her last year with me she was one of my most outstanding 3-D students
and we formed a very strong connection and love over crafting.
So recently she got in touch with me and caught me up with her life
and told me she'd been working on something special for me and could she have my address.
This remarkable embroidered pillow arrived a few days later.
Oh My!
Inna, it's spectacular!
She has combined her 2 and 3-D skills in stitching this lovely design.
Notice how she is moving her colors from light to dark in the neck and wing areas.

I'm so thrilled and impressed with how you've taken your skills to a whole new level Inna!
And you've also taught yourself ribbon embroidery,
something we didn't cover.
I just love my pillow and will treasure it always Inna.
Thank you so very much for this extrodinary handmade gift!
Sending you so much love,
and looking forward to keeping in touch.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Little Miss Tatum graduated puppy school at the head of her class last night.
I couldn't be a prouder puppy grandmother.

Sunday, August 4, 2019


I get so jazzed every summer when these gorgeous looking and smelling lilies open up.
And they just keep multiplying every year which is another added bonus!
This year they drew the most ginormous butterfly
who flew into each flower.  
She wasn't afraid of me and I was able to get really close for the shot below.
Then she traveled with me as I made my watering rounds at the cabin
(taking me 3 hours to water the entire place this summer).
This will sound crazy I know,
but I'm pretty sure it was my dear Aunt Elena dropping by for a visit.
Every Easter she would bring me a pot of lilies.
So many wonderful memories come back to me as I post. 

 And below are a special variety of Plumeria that I got about 3 years ago with my son
at an extrodinary nursery by his home in Canoga Park called the Green Thumb.
I had never seen this lovely apricot color before while in Hawaii,
only the white/yellow and the pink/yellow.
It was just a baby stick when I bought it
and after 3 years it's the first time it's bloomed.
I thought I'd lost it earlier in the year when all the leaves fell off.
But it's come back strong this summer with more flowers to open soon.
Makes my heart so happy!

Thursday, August 1, 2019


Recently I received this gorgeous handcrafted pillow in the mail 
from a remarkable Mixed Media Artist,
Jen Mullen of Bayou Quilts and Dolls.
I have showcased a couple of her pieces over the years under Professional Fiber Artist Jenclair,
but she is so much more than a fiber artist!
I hope you are able to take the time and pull her up in my search engine
 to see the pieces she has made for me over the years,
and to visit her blogsite to  see all that she does.
Her work is exquisite as you can see here in the close-ups.
When she read on my blog that I had retired she created this amazing piece for me.
It's too special to put on a couch or chair 
so my husband suggested I put it in a shadowbox type frame
and display it on a wall in our home.  
Brilliant idea!
The only thing about that type of display is you won't be able to turn it over
and see this very cool hand holding a pen writing with Kantha stitch around it.
Love that detail Jen!!
Thank you,
I adore your work and so appreciate all your time and energy you put into this.