Friday, August 19, 2011

Ceramic Bird Feeders - Student Work

The last clay project of the year for my Beginning Ceramic students was this functional bird feeder.  The construction is a bit challenging so it's a good project to end with.  After the kids finish them with either glaze or oxides, I have them saw, sand and wax a wooden dowel to put thru the holes they built into piece for the perch.  Thru another hole they string jute to hang feeder with.  I loved the finish of this top one done by junior Irene Shim.  She rubbed on and off various oxides to achieve this look.
This next one was made by senior John Balagtas.  He embellished with some great beads to match his glaze.
And this last one was done by junior David Hyun.  I just love how crazy he got with all the sculptural elements.  What a cool piece David!

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