Friday, September 25, 2020


Dearest Blogger Friends,
It's been so long since I posted that the whole format of Blogger has changed 
so that I'm trying to adjust to the new look as I write to you.  
This is a great stretch for my brain.  

Thank goodness I'm not teaching anymore,
not quite sure how all the public school art teachers are coping with lack of supplies and money,
plus just learning all the new technology.
I know me and I would have been FREAKING OUT!

I guess I've been in kind of a funk for the past few months,
trying to pull myself away from social media.
These are such upsetting and frustrating times plus I'm starting to feel very manipulated by the media.
So I find myself backing away from it and retreating into other venues:
reading, gardening, movies, knitting and working out.
Soothing activities.
Also still trying to loose weight but that's a whole other story,
an unsuccessful story.
But hey,
I'm got some great biceps going on.  
Ha ha

So anyways,
I'm super thankful for Liz Ackert (blogger friend I'm Going to Texas) 
and her checking up on me and my lack of presence here on the web.
Her reaching out feels so good amidst these crazy times.
Thank you Liz.

Now onto her quilt above.
I just revisited her post about this piece.
I'm so saddened to hear about her eye struggles.
She is awaiting Cataract Surgery in one eye,
and has floaters in her other "good eye".

Losing my sight has been my # 2 fear right after my #1,
So Liz,
 my prayers are with you.

Since she is having troubles seeing to stitch,
she has found that she has enough sight to finish off her Remember 2016 quilt.
She sent me this photo above because she included us,
my art students and I,
represented as artisun,
in her piece.
When I saw that it made my heart so happy,
so thrilled in fact that I had to go back on the whirled wide web and find her post about it.

Thank you Liz for helping me find my way back to my blogging buddies.