Monday, August 8, 2011

Mosaic Tiled Boxes - Student Work

This design assignment that I have my Intermediate 3-D kids do always turns out great.  I was inspired by Laurie Mika's work and book "Mixed Media Mosaics".  She's a local So. Cal. mixed media artist.  I buy the little wooden boxes in several shapes and them the students go to town embellishing the tops with glass shards, beads, soldered pieces they make, text, fused glass they've made, and the Laurie Mika tiles they make from polymer clay.  I also ask them to limit their color palette and work to a theme.  These are the astounding results.  This first one was one of my favorites and was created by senior Miya Clark.  Look closely and see a pix of the very first Barbie doll.  I told Miya that my grandfather bought me that exact Barbie when I was 3 years old in 1959 with that black and white stripped bathing suit and the black high heels.  In fact, I still have her.  A brilliant design Miya!
This next sparkling creation was made by senior Brittaney Lee, with so many intricate details within her piece.  Gorgeous work!
Senior Abby Ilagan, based her design on her 2011 graduation.  Great use of color Abby!
Senior Jessica Jay, UCLA bound, created this next striking work.
9th grader Aman Patel, an amazing designer, did this asymmetrical design.  I can always count on Aman to come up with something different then everybody else is doing.  And that's important especially since Aman wants to go into art as a profession.
Isn't this a beauty?  Another meticulous design by junior Kelsea Lee.  Plus impeccable craftsmanship!
And then there is junior Nandi Best, the class superstar, who spends incredible amounts of time on every piece she makes.  This girl puts her heart and soul into her work, and ends up blowing everyone out the water with her finished results.
This close up shows her time consuming intricate pieces she made to fill space with.  Truly remarkable Nandi!  And check out the coiled wire that she made to help fill space with.
And lastly we have senior Florence Buendia, who was actually the last one to finish her piece.  But it was totally worth the wait because of the way she finished off the side of her box with acrylic paint.  Fabulous job sweet girl!!  Love and miss you all. 


  1. These mosaic boxes are absolutely amazing.
    I love the colors and the different textures.

    Your students did a fantastic job.

  2. I just found your blog completely by accident and what a wonderful place indeed! Fantastic artwork and I really like how encouraging and sincere you are in your praise to your students. I envy you in a good way...what a fantastic and rewarding career you have! Can't wait to see more of your inspiring work and that of your next crop of students.

  3. Truly remarkable mosaic work! I want to feature these works on my blog soon so come and check it out.