Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wasn't Kidding About Being Behind on my Posting - XMAS 2010

These are for you Bette and Vinny since we weren't able to celebrate the holidays with you in Florida.

Xmas Eve at my Home/Studio (Alumni Loralie Bingamon check out your lino print on the back wall)
The Kids and Jim take their Scrabble games very seriously :)
Zach giving Dani the Leather Bracelet he made her
Jim clowning around in his new Snuggy (he asked for a leopard print one and he got it) LOL
Even though Dan is 17, she still loves her Hello Kitty stuff
And Dani modeling her Handmade Scarf and Headband that my Multi-Talented, Artistic Husband Jim, crafted from recycled felted wool sweaters with needle felted designs
Many of Jim's Gifts to us this last year were Handcrafted.  He made this gorgeous Guitar Strap for Zach...
as well as this cool Leather Tooled Belt
For Dani and I Jim bought us Matching Mother/Daughter Rings
Early Morning Xmas Day at my ex's house, Zach gives me a Pomegranate Tree, one of my favorite fruits
A Xmas Hug and Thank You
Dani's Dog Boogie helping her and Zach unwrap their Gifts
Boogie opening his own Gifts, while shy little kitty Lily watches from a safe distance. on a ceramic pot that I made in college (1978) 

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