Friday, January 17, 2020


One of my resolutions was to finish my ongoing projects.
This Infinity Scarf was supposed to be done by Xmas,
but I just recently finished and blocked it,
and gave it to it's recipient,
my gorgeous trainer Gelissa
(who enjoys kicking my butt at the gym).
This yarn is from a company called Knit Collage
 which I was recently turned onto 
thru the fabulous crafts store in Ojai ,Ca. called Cattywampus Crafts.
It's been handspun with added bits of lace, ribbon, etc. and is super fast and easy to knit with.
The label on the yarn recommends a size 15 needle but I found a size 19 worked better for me.
I used the Mistaken Rib pattern which is incredibly easy.
You will need an odd number of stitches in units of 4 with one extra,
like 13 (12 + 1), 17 (16 + 1), etc.
I used 17.
Every row is knit the same:
Knit 2, Purl 2, Knit 2, Purl 2, K1.
You always end with Knit 1.
This was one of my students favorite patterns.  
It creates hills and valleys instead of hard ribbed edges.
A gentler Ribbing.
Another of my Resolutions was to post more.
So far that hasn't happened.
Structure is challenging when you retire.
ha ha!!!
I need someone to crack a whip over me or I need a deadline.
But in this case,
the deadline of Xmas didn't even work.
I'm a mess.  LOL