Friday, August 12, 2011

Paper Mache' Framed Appliquilts - Student Work

We've seen these appliquilts earlier in the year, but what you didn't see were how the kids built paper mache' frames out of cardboard, masking tape, newspaper/starch, and paper collage to float them in.  And some of the back sides are even cooler then the fronts.  So enjoy!

Above and below we have sophomore Rita Labib's gorgeous, detailed work.  Check out the use of twigs, laces and peacock feathers she has incorporated into her frame.
The kids were required to include their names, city, state, date and title, plus anything else they wanted to add to the back side.  In this eye-catching piece, 8th grader Karisma Dev has brought in netting, twigs, text, and her preliminary tye-dye sampler that she fan folded to use as a focal point on the back side. 
Senior Tiffany Wang's nailed the visual flow that was required so that the frame worked with the colors and design of the quilt without distracting from it. 
Junior Jaimee Chirico has created a powerful statement thru both her quilt and frame.
Here senior Anisha Mistry went all out on the back side of her frame.  As you can see, these kids give me an amazing amount of effort on all their assignments.
Senior Anika Haque's frame is just as playful and sweet as her quilt.
Senior Brenda Yee went for a much more subtle approach to go with her very sensitive and calming quilt.  As you can also see the students were required to put a hanging devise on the backside.  I love all the solutions the kids came up with to handle this requirement.
Junior Noel Kim's back side was so well done, just like her quilt. 
And one of my personal favorites was done by junior Elsie Aguilar.  Fantastic visual flow, and the design on the back side was brilliant.
I'm so proud of all of you for working so very hard for me.

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  1. Beautiful compositions.
    I love the colors and textures.
    My favorite: "Words hurt".