Friday, May 1, 2020


These Covid days I find myself spending a lot of time on the internet finding new inspiration, 
new books, new Textile Stores and new artists.
There is just so much out there to delight our senses.
Today's find was a textile store in New South Wales Australia called Calico & Ivy,
and this Color Wash Quilt by one of it's own,
Lyndel is using Liberty's Tana Lawns fabric in her Hexie quilt.
Up to last year I was never interested in attempting this very difficult looking quilt pattern 
thinking it way too fussy,
until I purchased the book Wabi-Sabi Sewing by Karen Lewis.
I loved so many of her ideas in her book and was inspired to try my hand at those tiny little Hexies.
I made at least 50 of them thinking I'll turn them into a pillow cover.
But as I looked at so many of them on Pinterest I decided I wanted to make at least a Lap sized quilt.
I chose fabric I would not have normally picked to try to broaden my horizons,
but I just couldn't decide how to attach them together.
And of course for a lap size I'll need to make several more.
But after seeing Lyndel's from NSW,
I think I might try my hand at a Color Wash look.
I was also really taken with the backside of her quilt below.
She used magazine pages for templates.
It looks like a piece of Art from the 1960's.
If I was her I'd leave those page pieces in and alternate displaying it from both sides.