Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Oh boy,
retirement is hard work
ha ha!

I'm piling so much on my plate,
 and I'm finding there isn't enough time in the day to do it all.

I'm participating online in more workshops like Knit Stars 4,
and I'm haven't even finished Knit Stars I yet.

I'm forming a knitting group in my condo community
(so far there are 3 of us).

Still working on my gorgeous eco-dyed baby blanket in my online workshop
with Australian artist India Flint,
and the blanket for the couch that I shared in the last post.

And of course the Knit-a-long workshop Cardigan
with the peeps at Cattywampus Crafts.

Oh my!!!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2019


Nine years ago when I moved into my new husbands beautifully appointed home,
he had this striking oil hanging over his couch.
It stills hangs there over a very masculine leather sofa.
To soften the look a bit I felt that I needed to add a knit throw.

So I began this lap throw after taking an improvisational knitting workshop 
with knit star Valentina Devine. 
I first became acquainted with her in the gorgeous coffee table book 
Knitting in America.
Valentia lives in Los Alamos, New Mexico and her background is fascinating. 

I have always knitted! Born in Russia and growing up in Germany, I can remember knitting all sorts of things from doll clothes to small garments for myself. In the early eighties I became a life-time member of the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria Virginia. There I exhibited knitted one-of-a-kind garments and wall hangings. For the Folger Theater I knitted costumes for Macbeth. At the same time I started teaching a technique “Creative Knitting” and I continue to the present day. I have also knitted two major costumes for the road show of “CATS”; Deuteronomy and Gus, The Theater Cat. Some of my knitted garments have been chosen for the movie industry. I now enjoy designing for different publications. I have been a contributor to many knitting books and publications. As time went on I have added to the courses I teach. I now teach six different techniques. I show my art-to-wear garments in different boutiques throughout the United States. I cannot imagine not knitting and I hope to continue to inspire many more knitters here and abroad.

In 2011 I was able to get this far
which I posted about in March of that year here on the blog,
but then I lost interest and put it away
 and finally took it out this last week and have started knitting on it again.

I took it up to the cabin this weekend and have almost finished off that bottom row.

Please note!
I have not blocked this yet.
And it's all over the place lumpy bumpy and wavy.
I will tame it eventually when completely done.

I still have so many stash yarns to bust thru so I'm going to lengthen and widen 
and then probably put several borders around it.
At least that's my plan right now.
But knowing me I will get distracted with another project
 and this will wait another 8 years for me to pull it out again.

Speaking of that,
headed out tomorrow morning for a 2 1/2 hour drive up to Ojai
(inland from Santa Barbara but above Ventura)
to a new crafts shop called Cattywampus Crafts for a knit-a-long.
Going to be starting a cute little v-neck cardigan with all handspuns (some mine)
knit on size 17 needles.
Can hardly wait.

Poor little throw.

Monday, October 21, 2019


as I show you a bit of Autumn in the So. Cal. mountains,
as well as two new bears we found at garage sales recently.

Mums that came back from last year,
a minor miracle.

We actually met the man who carved this bear up in Running Springs.

One end of our Lake with the lone red maple,
and right across the street from lake this truly remarkable tree
changing from it's green to yellow to red leaves.
I made my husband stop on the side of the road to capture this it.
Nature is truly remarkable!
An Analogous color scheme my lovely students.
Know I haven't forgotten about posting your artwork.
retirement has really made me slow down and smell the roses,
and made me really appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me.
 Being with all of you Whitney art students was my Happy Place for 39 years,
and now just taking my time and really enjoying all that life still holds for my family and I,
is my new Happy Place.

Seems like I'm only averaging one post per week.
I will try to do better.
Hang in there with me,
and keep your e-mail updates coming in.
I so enjoy hearing form you.

Monday, October 14, 2019


Meet Chips.
We met him in Downtown L.A. in the Little Tokyo District
at an outdoor cafe.
He was irresistible, 
very patient while his owner ate dinner and super sweet-natured.
It was a bit warm out
 so his owner had a special cooling fabric around his neck and head.
And because his owner rides with him on a motorcycle,
of course he needed his googles.
Chips was also styling in his army fatigue harness his owner made for him.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


My little girl has gotten so grown-up.
Recently she attended her first Gala,
a fundraising event for CHOC,
the Children's Hospital of Orange County.
She and her boyfriend were guests of his father and mother  
who each year make a generous donation to the hospital.
It was dinner & dancing in a beautiful setting in Newport Beach. 
They even came home with door prizes they had won.
It's funny how she has done so much more in her young life
 then I ever did at her age..
I couldn't be more pleased and happy for her.
She makes me so very proud!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Son-in-law Mike in the upper left corner

Many of you have sent prayers and well wishes for my husband's daughter's family.
As you may have read a few weeks back,
our son-in-law is suffering from Stage 3 Brain Cancer.
He recently had a check-up and very little progress has been made
after all the radiation and chemo he has been thru.
So we feel fortunate and blessed that at least he seems to be feeling better
and has gone back to work,
and that the tumor has stopped growing in size.
But he still has a long ways to go.
My husband and I would like to thank all of you for your prayers for Mike and the boys.
We have been spending a lot of time with them,
especially enjoying those babies and watching them grow.
The two little men couldn't be more different from each other.
The baby is compact and strong,
beefy you might call him, 
showing a lot of personality and wanting to make us laugh.
He loves his big brother, the water and to eat,
and is crawling around the house like an unstoppable locomotive.
Syd is the more cerebral one so far.
 He is a sieve like his father.
He craves new information constantly;
he loves learning about everything.
He reads every night with his parents
and can name practically every car on the road,
even vintage ones.
His favorite place is the new Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.
Syd is long and lanky,
and not very interested in food.
He just started playing soccer and is thriving in the sport.
And he loves school and his teacher.

Both of the boys love their Pop Pop like crazy!

Monday, October 7, 2019


Rose Garden at Whitney High

When visiting recently and lunching with my pals at Whitney,
I was surprised to see the garden in full bloom in the Fall season.
This is what it usually looks like in April around Open House time,
so this was a wonderful surprise.  
I wonder what the gardener's secret is?