Tuesday, December 31, 2019


From our home to yours a very Happy New Year.

You betcha!

1.  To continue going to the gym to try to loose weight.
(so far no pds lost but I have rearranged the fat a bit by an inch and a half)
2.  To try to post more often here on the blog and finishing the art students from 2017-2018
3.  To also begin and finish the students from 208-2019.
4.  To finish up at least 10 projects or more,
and try really hard not to start anymore,
even though I have 2 new ones I want to start tonight before 2020.
5.  To begin watercoloring again.
6.  To try not to spend so much time on Pinterest.
7.  To Finish all my online classes (there are about 7 or so).
8.  To try to take at least two trips.  
My daughter is taking me to Waco Texas
for Xmas and my birthday.
(on my bucket list, I want to see Chip and Joanna Gaines Silo Store,
and to stay in a bed and breakfast on a working farm)
(on her bucket list too)

I can already see this list is gonna be a mighty big challenge.
I better start immediately!
So to the gym I go.....

Sunday, December 22, 2019


 Here's wishing all my family, friends, art students and blog followers
Truly Magical Holiday Season.

 Our dear neighbor's cabin this Xmas during right after the big snow.
He went all out this year for his family who came to visit.

Thank you for spending the year with me here,
and for all your heartfelt comments and e-mails.
For the friendships we've made via our blog-sites,
and the inspiration you all have been to me thru your art and stories.
I feel so very blessed to have all of you in my life.
Wishing everyone the best this Holiday Season and always.

Thursday, December 19, 2019


Recently I posted about the record snowfall we had at the cabin.
Well I finally got up to see it myself.
As I walked the mountain with the dog it looked like no home was spared damage.
Every yard had several trees down.
Some in yards, some on roofs, some on cars.
And worst cases,
100+ year old trees that completely came uprooted and fell to the ground.  
I saw at least 3 of those.
They were big thick ones like you see in the background in the photo above on the left.
It was devastating.
Above is a piece of the tree limb that broke and fell across our jeep.
Jim had to saw it off in parts because it was too heavy to pull off the jeep.
So now he's in the process of sawing it into firewood.
But what a mess!

This is a huge tree that spans over my tiny little studio.
In the photo below is a close up of  where the limb broke.
Luckily it didn't crash onto the studio but instead into part of the yard two photos down.

You can see how close it was to the edge of the studio building.

And right behind that tree was another.
You can see where it cracked at the top
and that the front most tree is holding up the branch from hitting the roof of studio.
Don't know yet how we are going to retrieve that limb.

And another tree that has broken in half behind the main cabin.

But the one I'm most sad about was my son's Japanese Maple 
that I've been nursing along for years until he is in his first home to plant it.
Look at how the limb split off from the main stalk.
My husband said maybe I can tape it together and it might fuse itself back eventually.
I'm going to research it and give it my best try.

But we are so blessed that we didn't have more serious damage like others did.

Monday, December 16, 2019


so I'm only a year tardy posting last Xmas' favorite pictures.
It's just how I roll these days.  
I thought I'd better take care of it soon as we are already into this next season's Xmas.
 Here we go.

We've got kitty Lily under my ex's tree on Xmas day while we opened presents above.

And my son Zach who brought about 5 different specialty beers to quiz us on at Xmas Eve
at my little home/studio. 
He is seen here reading off the correct answers.
My daughter Dani got the most correct guesses
(of course she did, she's a bar tender after all).

And here they are,
the glamorous couple of Danielle and Tristin,
  just starting their dog family.
This was when Granger was only about 4-5 months old.
I couldn't decide which pix I liked better so I posted both.

And my ex,
with his pup Bogie who is now getting to be an old man,
Bogie that is
He's got to be about 12 years old at least.
Inars rescued him off a golf course,
thus Bogie  :).
This was when Grandger still liked Bogie,
see how he's giving him a kiss?
Now they just tolerate each other.
We are pretty sure Boogie is a Rat Terrier mix.

And I loved this shot I took of Inars.  
I think I will have it enlarged and give one to each of our children for this Xmas.
We had a frightening year with Inars' health this last April.
During my son's wedding in Hawaii he wasn't feeling right
 and when he got back to the mainland
his doctor had him go in for Open Heart Surgery. 
He had a double bypass.
So we are all so very thankful that he is completely at 100% again.  
It took 6 long grueling months of recovery and physical therapy
but he's feeling energized and oh so lucky.

And of course there are rarely any pictures of me cuz I'm usually the one doing the photographs,
so I couldn't find one from Xmas Day or Eve,
but I love this one in my classroom of senior Jimena Alvarez and I.
She was an outstanding crafts student last year.

Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my classroom,
and how utterly thrashed and disorganized it's become since I retired?

How supplies are being wasted and damaged and not brought back to the classroom.
And just how filthy the classroom has become.

This all just hurts my heart so badly.

Some little birdies and their parents have sent me several e-mails and pix
 because they are appalled how much it's gone downhill in so many ways since I left.

What really saddens me is that I was not allowed to participate in the interview process
like I was promised several times  for many years now.
That I'd be able to pass on my program that took me years and thousands of dollars to build.
There were actually a couple of ex-Whitney art students waiting in the wings for me to retire 
because they wanted to carry on my legacy.
Now it's all gone down the drain.

I haven't been able to share and talk about this with all of you till now.
It just hurt too much.
There is so much more I could say but I think this is enough and you get the idea
of how truly heartbroken I am.

So much for this tangent I went off on.
Back to happier things.

 Wanting to end on a much more positive note 
 here are my husband Jim's grands playing their cigar box guitars Jim made for them.
Notice the "M" on top of Mackenzie's?
They loved them!
Both are growing up so very quickly with J.V. entering his teens.

Much love to all my blog friends this Holiday Season.
Thank you for your constant support and your lovely comments.
Happy Holidays!!!!

Friday, December 13, 2019


Each year my pathetic little pomegranate tree
 which looks like it might expire at any time,
yields to my surprise,
 the most serious poms.
This year it produced six medium sized fruits
 and they all split open in one amazing form after another before I felt the outside skin was ready.
They are not as sweet as the ones I get in the store
but that's ok,
cuz I'm so delighted I was able to keep the little tree going.
After all,
 it was gifted to me by my son many Xmas' ago.
And didn't it photograph beautifully a top my husbands black mustang?
Its reflection is remarkable against the black shiny surface.
Makes my heart so happy to see nature in all it's glory.

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Almost 17 inches.
Thanks to our neighbors I have some fun pix to post.

A winter wonderland at out friend Chris' house
and a peek outside his kitchen window.

Our sweet jeep as the snow is beginning to melt.
We can really see the huge branch that fell on it.
Also notice that some little tracks where perhaps a squirrel is jumping from the branch to the roof.
Jim braved the rain yesterday and drove up to survey the damage.
It took him 5 times to get up our little hill and into our driveway
(glad I wasn't there to try that with him).
And the branch was too big and heavy for him to pull off jeep so he had to saw it off in pieces
to be able to even get to the porch to enter cabin.
Thank goodness the jeep was not damaged.
The electric was out for 5 days, 
so he had to throw out most of the food,
and I guess the yard is one big mess.
I'll go up this weekend to survey the yard work I have ahead of me,
and do a bit of stitching
while pup Sophie plays in the snow.

First big snow for this gentle giant.