Sunday, August 21, 2011

Preliminary Metals Unit - Student Work

I save one of the most complex units for the end of the year in my Intermediate 3-d class.  It's a metals unit, and the kids learn how to cut, deckle edges, anneal, emboss, etch, bend, puncture, add eyelets, cut openings, polish, and age copper.   Then the students get a chance to design and make a little something to show off what they've learned.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time this year and only had 5 days to learn all the techniques and build something.  These were the results.  This really intricate top one was done by senior Brittaney Lee.  
This really cute moon and star piece was created by junior Carolina Navor, and below hers is senior Miya Clark's clever key chain. 
Love all the embellishments senior Florence Buendia added to her two pieces above, and senior Jessica Jay really liked using the etching solution to help in the designing of her 2 pieces. 

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  1. i wish i was one of your students. beautiful work.