Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lump Boxes - Student Work

These small organic boxes are called Lump Boxes and are a Japanese clay technique.  You start off with a solid lump of clay, throw and bang it all over itself on the clay board until you come up with a pleasing overall form.  I told the kids to go for a more asymmetrical form if possible, more interesting to the eye.  These top three belong to juniors David Hyun, Johanna Paz and senior Christine Castillo. 
Then you take a wire cutter and slice thru the solid form where you want your lid to come off at.  And then proceed to use a carving tool and hollow out both the box and the lid.The above three were made by senior Harry Trieu, junior Alyssa Olea and senior Robert Franklin.
I also encouraged the kids to add surface designs and sculptural elements for more interest.  Also, the lid had to lock.  I gave the kids several different solutions for this.  The above works were created by seniors Jesus Calderon and Matthew Ramos.

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  1. oh these are great. i might try this myself with some clay i have here.