Saturday, August 6, 2011

Solar Pillows - Student Work

Another favorite assignment, this time for my Beginning 3-D kids, is printing in the sun on photo sensitive fabric.  They use silhouettes that they make from stiff paper, or they find flat objects such as jewelry, paper clips, feathers, leaves, the list is endless, and they lay these things on top of their fabric and expose it in the sun.  Afterwards, if there's time, I have the students add some embellishment, and then sew them into pillows.  The colorful one above was made by senior Sylvia Tran.  And the gorgeous floral below by junior by Lorena Morales 
Eighth grader Karisma Dev, did this highly creative piece above (I'm really enjoying the book on Indian textiles, the handwork is truly remarkable and inspiring, thanks Karisma!).
The two pillows above were done by senior Anika Haque and sophomore Shivani Patel.  These kids come up with so many cool ideas, and they are all so different.
And this last one was one of my favorites cuz it was so very unique.  I asked senior Suzanne Kang how she did hers and she said that she didn't like how her piece turned out so she took it home and dipped parts of it in bleach then rinsed it out.  WOW!!  What a great idea kiddo.  You've given me a new idea for next school year.  Thanks  :)


  1. These pillows are fantastic.
    I love the designs and the colors

  2. Goregous!!! Where do you buy your photo sensitive fabrics from? Any fabric store or do you specially order it?