Thursday, July 14, 2016



Always so very inspired by Jude Hill's work, 
by the many classes I've taken with her,
and by several pieces I've bought from her over the years,
all Strays & Beasts.
I just knew there was a stray inside of me.
So like I mentioned in yesterday's post,
I changed up the subject in my Liberated Quiltmaking assignment 
so that the kids focused on at least one Beast.
I had absolutely no idea how my stray would look,
if it was going to be a male or female, 
what colors I would use?

So how I started the kids and myself was to choose a donated bag of fabrics
(I have over 40 to choose from).
They are already partially organized by color schemes,
but there are always a few fabrics that don't belong visually,
so we get rid of those first.
I have no idea why I choose this bag,
it just appealed to me.
Kind of Xmas in Springtime I guess.
(Several of the fabrics backsides were used as well)
I had the kids start their beast by making a nine patch with no patterns,
just cut and sew.
They could fussy cut if they wanted to like I did for the birds in my stray.
Then I had them play around with shaping,
and needleturn under their beast shape down upon their foundation.
(I had no pieces large enough for my foundation so I randomly sewed several smaller pieces together,
you can see the seams below)
I saved the face for last cuz I was chicken,
always having a hard time committing.
But not my students, 
they jumped right in.
But I was inspired by Jude & the old necklace piece I found,
so I embroidered several wings,
and a few words,
thus Wish for Love.
Another Jude Hill trick to help the words pop 
was to whip black floss under the original gold stitches.
I braided some really nice barber poled cottons for the tail,
and also used them to make a few pompoms.

I like to save any frayed threads that hang from fabrics,
 especially when they come out of the dryer.
I used many of them in this piece,
coming out of the ears,
under the trees for ground,
and over the moon for atmosphere/cloud cover.
I also thrifted bits of lace, leaf edging & ribbon flowers for balance and interest.
I handquilted the piece in an off white thread which I felt tied it all together.

And for the backing I used a garage sale find,
and old linen calendar kitchen towel from 1985.
That was the year I was looking and wishing for love myself.
I was ready to settle down and have a family.
That was when I also decided to do the face,
 and it was going to be me.  :)
I dedicated this piece to Virginia Pooler,
our beloved Life Science teacher at Whitney and my dear friend.
If it wasn't for her talking me into going with her to get our Master's Degrees
(to raise us up on our teacher's pay scale)
I would have never met my ex husband,
Inars Agrums,
(the love I was wishing for)
and had my two incredible children.
Funny how it's all meant to be.

Gin Pooler is gone now,
but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her,
and thank her for her persistence in getting me to tag along with her.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank both of Gin's children,
(who I had the pleasure of teaching the arts to back in the day at Whitney)
Brock Pooler and Erin Pooler Carpenter,
for their continued & dedicated service to our United States Military.
Both are high ranking officers,
 and their mother would have been so very proud of them.
I know I am.

On July 15th, 
this Friday,
I will be giving this quilt to my daughter for her 22nd Birthday.
And I'll probably make her read this post too,
I think both my children hate how I feature them on my blog,
too bad!!


  1. Oh--beautiful. Both the work and the dedication. This is the kind of piece that takes more than one viewing to appreciate all the details. Just lovely...

  2. A beautiful love letter ... the details, the thoughts that went into this, the names of the people you love and care for ... a wonderful gift

    1. your words are always just right, thank you Liz xoxox

    2. Though we've never spoken, I "hear" you in your posts. Your words and the images that accompany them, bring my words bubbling to the surface.

      I so love coming here ...