Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Recently I posted these delicious little tapestries that my 2nd year 3-D kids made,
and I just came across some pix that show how they looked before the kids bundled them.

Sadly I don't have them in the same order,
and the reason they are a bit yellowed is because they had soaked overnight in soy milk

I really like all the rusty objects the students found to couch onto the finished tapestries.

And it's so interesting to see the marks these left behind on the finished banners.

This will definitely be a project that I will repeat next school year.

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  1. So glad you found these and posted them. I especially like the variations in attaching round bits, which can be quite challenging!

    After seeing and reading about Alice Fox's rust studies, I began picking up bottle caps and other bits of parking lot metal (mostly mashed bottle caps and bobby pins) ... the gnarlier the better. That could be an interesting assignment option (although I did find myself distracted to the point of neglecting to pay full attention to moving vehicles at times. .. seriously! So maybe not ... )