Sunday, July 3, 2016


charcoal on bristol paper & lots of erasers

My first time to try this technique was in 1982 when I took Dr. Betty Edwards 
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain class.
She had us coat the entire piece of paper with charcoal,
then blend it by rubbing it lightly with a piece of kleenex/paper towel.
Then get out your favorite eraser and start drawing/erasing in your design.
To be honest,
I was scared a bit of this technique till I tried it.
Then it was one of my favorites
Let's take a look at how the kids did.

Senior Bernice Lin loved the technique so much 
that at the end of the year she chose it to do her self-portrait in.
(We'll see it in August)
To see this work above in person was to think it's a photograph instead of a drawing.
It was magnificent!

Senior Risha Bhakta enjoyed it as well.
And like me,
 the kids were a bit intimidated by the technique until they got started.
I love how all 3 girls picked such expressive resources to work from.
Risha could have sold this beauty several times at Open House 
but she wanted to keep it for herself.
Smart girl.

This last one is the work of senior Katherine Ku.
Her's was especially challenging because she chose to work to such a small scale.
She needed a tiny eraser.  LOL
Brilliant piece kiddo!

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  1. These are stunning ... and I love the idea of drawing by deletion