Saturday, July 9, 2016


Our little guy is 16 months old,
and one of his first words was Pop pop.
He just loves his grandpa to pieces,
and since his mom and dad have moved 20 minutes away from us,
we are able to stop by and babysit anytime we want.
Bedtime is quite the ritual.
He loves books,
his mom and dad have read to him every night since he's been born
(even before he was born).
He listens to music from many different cultures,
his parents put on instrumental soothing CDs from lots of different countries after reading time
while he drinks his milk.
And then he clutches his favorite stuffed doggy
and lays down and goes right to sleep.
Neither of my children were ever that easy.
Makes babysitting at night a piece of cake!


  1. Our boys love their Pop Pop, too ... it makes my heart so happy to see.

    Wondering ... has Sydney given you a name yet?

    1. We think it's going to be Mimi, but I also kind of like Noni. His other Grandma is Nana. We'll see :)