Tuesday, July 5, 2016


clay, glazes & oxides

In the second year clay class  I want my students to work larger,
and get more into the contouring of their coil pot shapes.
And they have other options then just coils.
They can work with slab as well as pinch shapes.
But they must put a paddle to the outside to help the contouring of the piece
as they build upward.

I'm drawn to the texture/surface treatment that senior Klyne Madayag rolled onto her slab/pinch pieces with a carved wooden roller tool.
And then the way she glazed it,
super cool!
A little glaze and also staining with red iron.
Great combo.

Both these pieces are lidded containers.
We see senior Eryn Burnett's knob (above) but not Klyne's .
I really like the asymmetry of Eryn's piece as well as how she glazed it.
The black on the inside is such a nice contrast to the tan on the outside. 
Also notice that she did some banding on both the handles and the pot itself.
You have to look closely.
Clever girl!

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  1. I like how fine Erin's coils are ... which must have resulted in a nicely thin-walled piece.

    And I can just see the tip of Klyne's lid peeking over that beautifully styled top edge.