Friday, July 29, 2016


hand dyed wool rovings, children's bouncy balls, lamp sockets, hot soapy water & misc. embellishments

It all started with a bouncy ball from the grocery store 
and lots of hand dyed roving choices.
Round and round the students went splaying out their roving 
to build up 3-4 perpendicular layers round their balls.
Then lots of hot soapy water to felt it down it with.
Those tables got clean, clean ,clean!

Let it dry out and cut an opening to remove ball as senior Hazel Cruz in doing here.

And then figure it out to to turn this hollow felt ball into a lantern.
Senior William Kim was acting as a mannequin for Hazel's jellyfish.

Let me show off a few of them.

I wish I'd have gotten a more focused shot of senior Kristine Luong's sweet bunny lamp.
At least the side view is a bit better.
Notice the areas that are more lit up?
These are areas that had a bit less roving built up which allows the light to shine thru.
Below you can see a part of the light socket that my husband picked up for the kids at Home Depot.
About $8.00 each.
And the man made the cording extra long 
so we were able to reach all the light sockets for Open House.
Thank You Jimmy!

Junior Shreya Sheth went all out creating a fish lantern,
complete with felted eyeballs and fins.
I like that she cut out some areas and replaced it with a sheer fabric.
We can also see some of her beading.
And underneath it all is a wire structure she fashioned so that it would keep it's shape.

Another class favorite was this one by senior Amber Wu.
She modeled it after a Chinese lantern,
and this one was really as light as a feather.
Super delicate and lovely when lit up.

And this last one was Will's.
He also based his on a Jellyfish and it was spectacular when lite up.


  1. Shreya's fish is loaded with personality ... it feels like it mirrors my own smile.

    But Amber's stars, layers of lace, and dangling ends are most intriguing. I also very much like the interplay of dark colors and light. Haunting ...

    1. What a great word Liz, and I agree, haunting!

  2. Original and beautiful! Great work of your students! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Joelle, the kids will enjoy your comment.