Friday, July 22, 2016


and to her successful sustainable vegetable garden she started this year.
And I'm thrilled to say that she came to me to help her get started, 
and approved by our admin.
Not only did she raise funds for her project,
but she enlisted other like minded students to get involved 
in the care and maintenance of the garden.
Avanthi used her sister's truck to bring in all the lumber to build the two beds,
and got several stores to donate seedlings and potting mix.
In her first bed she raised veggies,
and in the second she grew pollinator plants
In a later post to come I will show off how huge these plants got.
My favorites were the beets she grew.  
Not only did we eat the beets but also the beet leaves.
Good for you and delicious!
Thank you Avanthi for getting me involved in this close to my heart project.

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  1. Love the contrast of sturdy, four-square beds and wabi-sabi trellis. What a great smile, too!