Sunday, July 17, 2016


clay, glazes & oxides

These are a couple more of my demo. pieces that I actually had a chance to glaze & finish.

This first little vase was quite shapely until I was demoing how to take if carefully off the wheel.
Then I had a revolting development.
It fell flat on it's side and the kids screamed.
Ha ha, I love when they do that!
So I left it on it's side to stiffen up a bit until I could handle it,
then I paddled it's sides all the way around to match that one side that caved in
& wella!
A funky fun piece for the eye.
I also took the opportunity to experiment with our black glaze 
both under and overtop our turquoise glaze for two very interesting effects.

In this next cylinder I showed the kids how to roll the lip over itself for a strong ending.
While it was still plastic on the potter's wheel I took my middle finger
and pushed out all four corners of the piece.
 broking thru the walls of clay.
Of course the kids were mortified and thought I'd ruined it,
but oh contraire,
now I have the perfect opening to inlay pieces of white porcelain for more interest.
Then right before the pot became leatherhard I stamped it with a cool button,
and the pointy tip of my rib.
Black glaze on the inside,
and R.I.O. stained on the out.

In this very simple vase form,
all I did was roll a couple of thin wood stamp cylinders around the bottom 
to balance the Chili glaze I knew I'd be putting on the inside and outside lip area.
Note: the background quilt is a piece by national quilt artist Ricky Timms,
a piece I bought from him at one of his workshops I took years ago.

I like to give these demo pieces as gifts with succulent starts.
This one was stained with Rutile Oxide and glazed with Transparent.


  1. Wouldn't I just love to sit in on your classes ... sigh ...

    1. Anytime Liz, you are always welcome with a place for you to stay! :)

    2. Oh wow ... how cool would that be? A 2017 trip to California just ticked up on my wish list!