Thursday, July 28, 2016


It's all about SURFACE DESIGN!!

These 3 small pieces are more of my demos that I was able to finish up this year.

In this first vase form I simply rolled a Ball Stamp (one of my students)
around the neck area.
Thanks Manav!
hee hee

Inside this tiny bowl,
 I took one of my grandmother's lace doilies she crocheted,
and pressed it into the plastic bowl before the clay stiffened up.

And in this little cutie that I gifted to Alumni & Assistant  Alyssa Olea,
I first used my middle finger
 (while the pot was still on the potter's wheel before it had been cut off),
and pushed the clay outward in two places opposite each other.
Then afterwards when I could handle it without leaving fingerprints,
(right before it became leatherhard)
I used a couple of tools to stamp into the clay to accent a few places.

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  1. The last is my favorite ... it looks like it was stitched together!