Monday, July 18, 2016



Watercolor is such a tricky/difficult medium to teach and work with.
To me it's like playing a round of golf.
You have the best intentions,
but the results are never the same,
no matter how much you practice.
Highly frustrating at times,
but when you nail it,
complete exhilaration!

The piece below by senior Bernice Lin reminds me of the Bette Midler song 
Wind Beneath My Wings every time I look at it.
Senior Katherine Ku posed for her.
This was by far one of the most stunning pieces of art done this year by a 2-D student.
It was also a favorite when it was displayed at the District Art Show 
and again at the Senior Awards Banquet nite.
You really outdid yourself Bernice!
You've managed to capture so many of the Design Elements and Principles;
movement, color scheme, value, balance, the list is long.

And now we take a look at Katherine's watercolor of Bernice.

What I love about teaching art is how no two pieces are alike.
I really loath how some art teachers try to have the kids all do the same exact thing,
leaving no room for creativity.

I really feel like Katherine has captured Bernice's inner angst,
not only in the drawing but in the color scheme she picked as well.
I also like that both girls did not try to watercolor over the entire paper.
I feel like leaving a bit of white paper showing helps the piece to pop,
and gives it that brightest value as well as more dimension.

Bravo to the both of you!
And know Kyla Balquin,
I wanted to include yours as well here but I couldn't seem to find the pix on my camera.
So I apologize to you my dear.
Klya also did Katherine,
and immersed her in a tranquil waterfall setting.
It was really lovely.
If I ever run across it I will be sure to finagle it in here.


  1. Apologies for the belated comment ... I needed to go away and think about these two before commenting. Such incredible similarities and differences. And I'm grappling with what is revealed in each by both the artist and the sitter. Really amazing.

    1. Oh my gosh Liz, you always hit the nail on the head. Thank you, thank you for your insightful comments!

    2. Oh my gosh Liz, you always hit the nail on the head. Thank you, thank you for your insightful comments!