Wednesday, April 22, 2015


for an Easter egg hunt.
My two children,
Zach and Danielle,
still insist on their dad hiding plastic eggs for their annual hunt. 
How old are you guys now?
26 and 20
Gotta love it!
The competition is fierce as Danielle tries her hardest to beat her brother,
something she has never been able to do,
poor baby.
But she sure is cute trying,
 scrambling thru the yard and house like a puppy on a mission.

This year Zach's girlfriend Nicole was the top prize winner collecting over 50 eggs.
Her technique,
slow and steady,
finding the ones that the other two had passed up.

Last year Danielle's boyfriend Garrett (upper right) was the top collector.
We started the hunt this year before he was able to get there.
Hummmm...could that have been planned?

There is always a method to our madness at the Agrums/Sposa hangouts.

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