Thursday, April 30, 2015


Junior Avanthi Dev is trying to put together a Garden Club for next school year here at Whitney.
I'm so excited, 
this is so up my alley.

Avanthi wants to be a Professional Chef and grow her own herbs and vegetables.
She has been coming by to visit me after school 
and asking questions about how to start her own gardens.
So I gave her a bunch of starter succulents that she has planted and is nurturing.
She has put in the necessary paperwork to start the club so I will keep you all posted.

This blood orange marmalade above was made by Avanthi as she hones her cooking skills.
She gave me a jar the other day to try,
and it's so yummy, 
I've been putting it on my morning toast.
Thank you Avanthi,
I look forward to working with you next year in the garden.

In the meantime another bunch of students have put in a butterfly and hummingbird garden that I am thoroughly enjoying.
It's already drawing tons of birds and butterflies,
and our photography students are using the blooms on the plants as subject matter.
I'm so lucky to teach at this wonderfully creative school.

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