Thursday, April 2, 2015


All this month up at our cabin the daffodils have been in bloom,
and I've been able to take home at least 2 big bunches at the end of every weekend.
I take my basket out to the yard and I feel like I am tiptoeing thru the tulips  :)
The lady who lived in our cabin from 1985 until 2013 when we bought it planted 100's of daffodils.
And over those years they have multiplied like crazy so that there are literally 1000's blooming throughout this month.
Our neighbors drive by just to see the site.
And I only pick the ones the rain and wind have blown over.
My favorite thing is to bring them to school and share them with my students and staff.
This post is for you senior Daphne Chiang.
Daphne is crazy about daffodils and takes several home when I bring them to school.
Forever more whenever the daffs bloom  I will think of you.

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