Saturday, April 18, 2015




Recently I dropped in on my dear friend Katherine to buy some sanded gout for my 3-D kids 
who were working on their mosaic frames.
And I just happened to have my camera with me,
 so I couldn't pass up the wonderful opportunity to capture the eye-catching visuals all around me.

Like this sweet little house library in front of her studio gate.
You take a book out and put a book in.
I always carry reading material in my car for red lights,
so I pulled out the two books below and replaced them with two I've recently read.
Pretty darn cool!!
I want one of these in front of our cabin.

Love Katherine's gate into her backyard and studio.
She and her husband built it many years ago.
The welcoming mosaic hand pointing to the entrance is a great touch made by Katherine.
Katherine also shares a love of gardening with me.
So whenever I visit I enjoy whatever her current project is.
Right now she is ripping out her old landscaping
 and replacing it with more drought tolerant succulents.
You can see one of her mounds is complete (mid center).
And check out that trumpet tree against her lavender painted house.
How artsy fartsy is that???

And finally,
her studio and teaching space.
Let's see what's inside...

And what's outside dotting her landscape...

Hope you've enjoyed this visual treat.
I sure did.

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  1. Thank you for the tour through this amazing artist's studio. You never know that such magic lurks behind the doors of a regular house in a regular neighborhood. Thanks for sharing!