Thursday, April 16, 2015


plaster of paris, empty milk cartons, acrylic paint, carving tools, wood

Here's senior Kaili Hamada,
 not really sure if she likes the feel of the plaster thickening on her arm as she mixes her brew.

then above we have kili and senior bianca Tolentino carving away at their abstract figure sculptures.
It's a very messy process so I have the kids work outside my door.

And below senior Daphne Chiang uses her sweatshirt (clever girl)
to keep the sawdust out of her sinuses as she sands her wooden mount for her sculpture.

The finished works are creative and varied, 
and I'm so pleased with the results.

The kids put their hearts into this very difficult reductive sculpting process.
This year the girls asked if we could open up the requirements a bit so that they had a choice
 between sculpting an abstract figure or a non-objective work.
Both are challenging and require the use of critical problem solving.

Besides sculpting in plaster they also had to mount their pieces on wood.
Above is Kaili's finished work,
and below we have Bianca's piece,
both girls choosing to do an abstract figure.
What's so impressive to me is how differently they all turned out,
 and really showcase their individual personalities.

Daphne challenged herself with the non-objective choice
which I personally feel is a bit more difficult.
She thought so too.
But I think she did a great job,
and the mounting is extraordinary.

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