Friday, April 10, 2015

Victoria Le Vers

The Fine Arts Gallery up in Lake Arrowhead,
Mountain Arts,
 that I recently discovered and joined,
has a surprising delighful array of local talent.

One of my favorites is Victoria Le Vers,
a mixed media artist. 
I loved this piece by her so much that I purchased it last time I visited the gallery.
The color scheme drew me to the piece originally
 so that I wanted to get up close and take a really good look at her technique, 
paper collage and acrylic.
I was also really drawn to the playful abstracted quirkiness, 
and felt this would be a wonderful Xmas present for my son and his girlfriend who are cat lovers.
And her loose brush strokes were also really appealing to me. 
But I made the huge mistake of hanging it in my new art studio up at the cabin,
and absolutely have fallen n love with it.
So we'll see what happens when Xmas rolls around.
Ha ha

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