Tuesday, April 28, 2015


dyed roving, bouncy balls, hot soapy water & elbow grease

They loved this assignment...

wrapping their bouncy balls from the grocery store with layers and layers of splayed colored rovings.

And then felting them up with the hot soapy water.
Here is senior Kaili Hamada proudly displaying her felted ball.

Once partially felted they cut a small opening and continue to work the inside to shrink, shape and stiffen it.

Then they've got to decide what to build.
Maybe hats?
Too cute!!!
Maybe not.

While they are deciding,
I show them a bit of dry needle felting for embellishment possibilities.
Above are senior Bianca Tolentino's practice pieces,
below is Kaili's practice sun motif.

And senior Daphne Chiang's fishy.
So sweet.

I also show them coil basketry with the lazy and figure eight stitches
because I'm requiring them to find a way to incorporate it into their vessels.
Above we see Daphne's prelim. coiled basketry disk.
Love how she mounted it for display.

And now onto the finished works.
Kaili was inspired by last year's  Advanced 3-D student Karisma Dev,
who built a hanging lamp.
Kaili's jelly fish light was one of the stars of the Open House Show.
Magical when it was lit.

Notice how she incorporated her coiled basketry
 and needle felt designs into the surface for visual interest.
She also beaded onto the surface for a bit of sparkle.

Daphne knocked it out of the park with something completely different,
a desert landscape.
Her basketry element is the coiled base it stands on, 
and her needle felt designs the cactus and sun.
I also really like how she cut away part of the felt layers on the side
 to expose her other colored rovings underneath.

And lastly Bianca has really cut open and exposed her inner layers to create this lovely floral piece.
She embellished with sparkly copper thread,
and lots of french knots in the center.

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