Thursday, April 23, 2015



Working with charcoal is fun and easy but it goes everywhere.
 Oftentimes when my kids leave for the day they have little smudges on their sweet faces and they don't even know it.

So let's take a look see at what they've created.

This first one is the work of Carl Estrella,
a very quiet and shy young man with a bucket load of skills.

What I strive for with the kids is for each of them to find their own working style and design.
I never want their work to look alike.
So I love that I can show off Elliana Lee's super crafted piece here versus Carl's highly atmospheric work above, and then down to Chasha Montreesirikul's textual piece below.
All equally wonderful.

Hari Iyer kept surprising himself with how well all his work was turning out.
I kept asking him if he had ever had an art class before and the answer was always no.

I love when the 7th graders bring text into their works.
It gives us more of an insight into who they are,
as well as bringing visual interest into their pieces.
The one above was done by highly creative Joyce Park.

And I really enjoyed getting to know and work with gentle Kayla Kim.
I like the contrast brought into her design between her tightly crafted cone and her soft backdrop.

And we finish off with Adriana Endow-Smith.
I got the biggest kick out of working with Adriana.
In every one of her pieces she would find a way to incorporate a cat.
I thought this cat with the conical ears was adorable and very clever.

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