Monday, April 20, 2015


Lyrics from a James Taylor song pop into my mind 
as I look with huge happiness around our yard up at the cabin.
Daffodils everywhere from the previous owner.
In the process of moving them to more strategic locations around the rock borders and walkways 
I've built this last summer and winter.

Lots of bulbs planted,
some I forget the names of like the one above (crocus I think),
and others I remember like the hyacinth below.

And the ground cover which is all over the mountain.
 My neighbor tells me it's called vinca,
 is covered in purple blossoms right now.

I planted a nectarine tree with my son last summer
 and it made it through the winter and is now covered as well in it'd fruity goodness.

And then there is the sweet forest pansy tree that we thought we'd lost this winter,
but it's coming back to life.
It's leaves are a heart shape and so delicate.

And the tulips planted last year came up as well,
and are magnificent in their analogous colorways.

This is a cherry tree I put in for visual interest in the front of the cabin.
Sadly I did loose the top half of the tree but the bottom half is in bloom.

And I forgot about the daffodil bulbs that might be under the studio's porch we put in this summer.
But they didn't forget to bloom thru all the wood slats.
It was an obstacle course trying to get in the door.
But I love it all.

My dear mother instilled a love of planting in both myself and my son.
It was the most wonderful gift she could have given us.
One that we share together, 
work at together.
Thank you mommy,
we miss you so very much.
But know that your green thumb lives on in the both of us.

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