Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Moving and relocating over a 1000 daffodil bulbs is proving to be quite a challenge.
Last spring at the cabin, 
before I built any of the walkways,
the entire yard was filled with blooming daffodil bulbs planted by the previous owner.
So before we laid the foundation for the art studio,
we dug up all the bulbs from that 10' by 12' space.
In the previous post from yesterday, 
you will see that I completely forgot about the bulbs from under the front porch of the studio.
Don't know yet what I'm going to do about those next year.
My husband said it would be too hard to pull up the porch to get them.
We'll see

So this past February I re-planted all those daffs along the stone walkways put in.
Walkway going up to the street

And then there are all the rest of the bulbs I didn't relocate,
popping up wherever they please like behind the studio and around the woodpile. 

And all through the side yards.
So this summer I'll have more digging to do.
Oh boy!!
I love getting my hands dirty 

For Xmas I gave a lot of the bulbs as presents, 
to family, friends and co-workers,
and a good hundred of them to my down and off to the side neighbor Rebecca.
Before she planted them she built this amazing walkway between our cabins.
Then she planted her bulbs along the walk.
You can see many of them starting to come up here.
Can't wait till next year to see what happens after they multiply.
It's going to be spectacular!

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  1. Deb, that looks like a little slice of heaven, your mountain retreat and studio. What a lovely environment to stimulate your creative spirit.