Wednesday, April 15, 2015


graphite on paper

Every year these sited corner of my classroom drawings become more and more fun and creative.
Are they required to alter reality?
but I do encourage them to do so for EXTRA CREDIT
So let's take a peek.

I want to start with junior Jane Juan 
who is by far one of the most talented self-taught artists I've worked with in a long time.
Jane is willing to send hours and hours on her pieces to show great attention to detail and shading.
All the other students are in awe of her skills, 
and this piece was the first to sell at our Open House this year.
Miss Sara,
aide to one of our 7th graders,
 is the proud and thrilled new owner.

Another up and coming talent is junior Risha Bhakta.
The projection she was able to achieve in this work really made it stand out from the others.
Also notice all the great textual marks she laid down with her pencil.

Senior Cyrus Salvani choose to go inside my kiln room to draw from (a dark ad scary place)
 and created this gorgeous,
 visually textual work.
Notice the pointillist technique he is employing to create value.

And check out super star 8th grader Sara Ryave with her "Don't Blink" piece.
It really showcases her playfulness,
and creativity 
All my 8th graders have impressed me so much this year.

This very sensitive, 
well thought out piece belongs to junior Sneha Krish.
Love how she thought to use text on the ceiling which gives the feeling of a spider web.

This next highly expressive work was done by junior Bernice Lin.
What I see so often these days are the kids putting their feelings,
 hopes and fears into their art pieces.
I feel this is a very healthy coping technique,
 and I encourage my students to do that thru their art.

Junior Christopher Wongsavanh was able to simulate an atmospheric environment thru shading
 and the use of his eraser.
Clever young man!

And here is another of my amazing 8th graders,
Emily Chen.
Love that she thought to overlay colored pencil on top of the graphite to add interest,
 value and texture.

And then there is senior Suha Malik.
I'll never know why she waited so long to take an art class. 
She came to me incredibly talented
 and I would have loved working with her for at least one more year.
Oh well,
that's how the cookie crumbles here in my little art world.
It's been fun watching her skill level go from good to great!

And lastly I share with you one of my favorite students this year,
sweetest of all hearts,
junior Hazel Cruz.
I have Hazel in two of my classes
 and she brings so much creativity into all her pieces.
She is delightful,
and has a positive, generous spirit. 
Love you girl!

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