Monday, April 6, 2015


Our good friend and neighbor up at the cabin, 
came by the other day,
with a dead squirrel.
The squirrels up on our mountain are rare these days,
a disease killed them off a few years back,
 and they are just now starting to reappear.
We have two in the neighborhood that Rebecca feeds and keeps an eye on,
but a couple of days ago she found this one dead in the street,
hit by a car.
Before she buried it she wanted to show it to us figuring we've never been this close to one before (which we hadn't)
Rebecca was raised on the mountain and I consider her a real mountain woman.
She has also served in our Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan,
 and she's not afraid of anything.
But Jim sure was. 
He was pretty freaked out by the dead squirrel.
I wanted to bring it to my science colleagues to teach with but Jim didn't want it in the car with us. 
He won. 
So now this sweet little guy will be buried between our yards.
Rest in Peace little one.

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