Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Drawing Board Gallery Showcases Whitney High School's Art Students

This was Whitney's first ever legit gallery art show and it was so cool.  We want to thank owner Jamie Kough for the invite and for hanging and displaying our work so professionally.

Two different views of the main wall in the gallery which shows off all art classes.

The back corner with clay and 3-D pieces.
Mostly 3-D pieces above.  Junior Rita Labib sold all her colorful bowls sitting on the bench above.
In fact, many of the kids sold their work.
Some close-ups.

From the back corner looking out the front door.
The screen showed off 4 of our 2-D works by seniors Michael Chen, Jessica Liu and sophomore Sam Arias.
It was a lovely evening with my husband Jim by my side.  Thank you to my Principal, Dr. Rhonda Buss, and office staff Suzanne and Mary, and their husbands for dropping by.
Jim spent time entertaining some of the children  that came with their parents, and he also hung out with our girl Danielle who also took the time to stop by.  Thank you sweetheart for your support.

We had over a 100 students, parents, siblings and staff who came to view the show.  And they drove all the way from Cerritos to Yorba Linda in Friday rush hour traffic.  Thank you all, it meant so much that so many of you came by.
Two of my favorite teachers and friends were there to see our students works, Donna Hall and Susan Brannen, as well as Andy and Aileen  Perry.  You guys are the best. 
And my favorite little one to stop by that night was junior Joyce Lee's little brother Topher (Christopher).  What a cutie.  He and Jim colored their hearts out  :)

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