Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nature Planters - Student Work

These are the ceramics planters that belong to my Ceramics I students.  They completed them for their 4th Quarter Final. On the day of the final they were able to pick either a shade or sun plant, and then learned how to pot their plant, and care for it.  Here's hoping they are still alive!

I'm crazy about this first one and the glaze application that sophomore Aman Patel used on his planter.  So cool!

And below we have this lovely, delicate looking planter by sophomore Ann Munoz.  I really like the thin edges and how she pulled them inward to create a lot of movement around the rim.  And when that sweet little dianthus grows larger, it's going look so good.

One of my favorites was this one above by senior Lorena Morales.  She used a combination of rutile oxide stain with turquoise glaze for a fabulous look.  And boy oh boy is that petunia going to love it's new home.

Below junior Stella Park also used both oxide and glaze to finish hers off with.  And the stain really shows off all her fun textural details.
And in this last one senior Andy Hwang picked the perfect plant with it's foliage to go with the leaf prints in his clay work  Nice job all of you!

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  1. i gave mine to my mom....and it died very quickly :(