Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Eco-Printed Book ala India Flint

Recently I saw a post on India Flints blog about how to eco-print a journal.  So I got busy to try my own. 
I made a very simple journal with mixed media paper...
then my daughter Danielle and I took turns loading each page with dried flowers, vegetable greens and herbs from my spring garden. 
We bound the book with string then submerged it under water filled with hundreds of rose petals for 2 days of sun.

This is the bound book as it came out of it's bath.  The flowers still looked fairly fresh.
This was the first cover page which I used fresh roses on and below is how it turned out when I took them off.  Isn't it gorgeous??  It was love at first sight.

And it just kept getting better with each page we uncovered.  These are some fresh red geramiums...spectacular!

Calendula above and freesia below.

Bird of Paradise
Onion Skins

Fresh red Bougainvillea above and dried rose petals below.

This was so much fun that I might turn it into an assignment next school year.



  1. Incorporate it with the felt journals!

  2. intermediate 3D art? I think so! :)

  3. So very impressive prints. Love the way you made. So pretty natural prints.