Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Negative Space Plants - Student Work

This is always one of my favorite assignments with my Beginning 2-D kids.  They are required to draw a silhouette of a subject, then to draw from a live plant over top the silhouette in negative space.  With India ink they paint in all negative spaces, plus any other details they think will make the piece look good.  And lastly, they must bring something else into the piece that makes it extra special.

This expressive piece above was designed by very talented senior Michelle Chang, who I wish I could have worked with BEFORE your senior year, duh!  And below we have junior Gisel Zabala, who I'm hoping will be back next year.  Brilliant piece kiddo!

Next we have another superstar, senior William Luo.  One of these years William, you are going to come back to me and tell me you changed your major to art.  I so believe in your design skills as well as your happiness.  Good Luck to you my Friend.
Below, I feel so bad, I don't have the name written down of the fabulous youngster that created this piece.  So HELP me out young ones when yo see this post so I can make the correction.  Phenomenal piece by the way!

And then we have sophomore Shiree Lee who very cleverly put the red tempera paint into her Red Riding Hood piece.  Very , very nice kiddo.
And then there's senior Tiffany Yeh, extremely gifted young artist, and she's fast.  So she can be competitive in the art world..  But is she going on into art?  NOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Which breaks my heart.  But then, I have to always remember, we are an academic based magnet, we work with the smartest kids in the So.Cal. area. and these kids are gifted in MANY areas.  So Tiffany, best of luck to you in your chosen field, but always remember, I have great confidence in you as a very talented designer.
Here are two close-ups of her very sensitive ink and watercolor washes.

Next is senior Joan Kim, an actual art major, yeah!  I really like how she designed the wings with the arrow shapes that grow larger as they go higher.
And below hers is senior Victoria Wang with her lovely and sensitive design.  I like the small addition of blue watercolor. 
And lastly, senior Joseph Pang, who was so delightful to work with and get to know.  A really fun sense of humor, and when he finally got himself going, always did a great job.  Right Joseph??  :)

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  1. scrolling down, each as wonderful as the last...such talent. & love the jewels from the free day- such a rich rich experience you create for these young people.