Monday, July 9, 2012

Clay Masks - Student Work

I always give my Beginning 3-D kids a project in clay and they seem to really enjoy making masks.    And each year they seem to get even more remarkable.

This first one by Nikki Shah is so gorgeous.  Love how she made hers in two pieces and then connected them with metal.  Plus the way she finished it off with oxides really showcases her work.
This next one by junior Tiffany Lee was so realistic, a very difficult thing to do for a first timer.  Love the way  she distorted the right side.  A brilliant design idea, and of course the way she finished it really shows off really works with the design.

Below we have senior Shane Suniga with this beautiful, decorative piece.  Shane took a lot of care in building this work with both carving and applied decoration.  and like the rest, finished t off in a very complimentary way.
And one of my favorites this year belonged to junior Edgar Aguilar.  I really like how  he elongated the face and then used a metal chain and pushed it into the clay for embellishment.  And of course the finish looks terrific.

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