Sunday, July 8, 2012

Enjoyed taking a Silk Painting Workshop last month with owner Jamie Kough at her Drawing Board Gallery in Yorba Linda.  This is Jamie showing us how to apply the dye onto the silk.

Below is her 1/2 done piece.

She gave us all round silk frames (from Dharma Trading Co.) to work on and a small bottle of gutta (a resist) to outline our design.  I tried silk painting once before and I forgot how difficult it is to control the line width of the resist.
This piece here, done by a fellow class member is coming along nicely as she paints on the dye.

Two more gals painting their pieces.
And their finished works.

I really liked the intensity that this gal was able to achieve with her paint.  In order to get darker values you have to reapply the paint many times on top of itself.  Kind of a hassle.

This is me getting started and the finished painting below with the gutta still in the silk.  You can see that my outlines were way too thick for the smaller design.  

And here is the finished piece with the gutta removed.  You can see that I lost a lot of my color intensity when the gutta was removed.  This was my second attempt at silk painting and I still have a lot to learn before I can teach this as a unit in my classroom.

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