Friday, July 20, 2012

Knit Felted Bags - Student Work - with Handspun, Hand Dyed Yarns

Yeap, all that above went into the making of these gorgeous bags.  They were made by my Advanced 3rd year 3-d girls, Nandi Best (above) and Kelsea Lee (below).  This was actually their second assignment of the year, and a whole heck of a lot went into the production.
The girls started off by making their own hand spindles in wood (see Drop Spindles on the right).  Then they dyed their wool roving with food colors, and spun them on their drop spindles as well as on my spinning wheels I keep in the classroom.  They picked out some complimentary wool yarns to go with their handspuns and then designed and knit their bags in the round.
They were also required to come up with handles as well as embellishments.  Then at the very end to felt their purses at home in their washing machines.  It was totally up to them to decide how felted they wanted their bag to be.  Nandi felted hers way more then Kelsea did, so the yarns have a completely different feel and look to them.  Because Nandi felted hers so much more she doesn't need to line hers, but Kelsea does, or else small items will slip thru.
Both pieces were amazing with a lot of effort put into them.  Sorry you guys that it took me so dang long to get them posted.

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